July 24, 2012

Curtis Grimes - Irresponsible

Sorry I didn't post a song yesterday. I'm sure the world stopped spinning for a while. Truth is, my back hurt like a mother the night before and I didn't get any sleep, and I had to do the actual work I'm paid to do at my job (I know right?!), and my brain just wouldn't function due to lack of sleep. I had to go see the chiropractor (who is now a saint in my book), so I took the afternoon off which is when I usually write at work after I'm caught up. And after hours I am choosing to lead the lifestyle of a caveman by not having cable or Internet. And by "choosing," I mean I don't have a damn clue who to call, what cord to plug in where, or really even care because I have my radio and and iPhone to listen to music, so I'm good until one of my roommates gets bored and decides it's time to join the 21st century.

So I had a hell of a weekend. It started with my return to Blue Light Friday night for the Damn Quails with some friends. K.O. and the Mule Skinners opened for them and we got there in time for their last few songs. Never seen them before, and they were pretty good. When the Damn Quails came on we assumed the position on the front row. They were awesome, as always. Pretty much the same as last time I saw them, only better. Better because it was at my home away from home - The Blue Light, and because I was in good company on the front row instead of stranded.

That night ended with us at Whataburger - as usual - only this time, the power went out. I thought it was just a clever way of kicking all the drunkards out till we realized all the streetlights were out too. Yup, I was in Whataburger, drunk, when the infamous Lubbock Blackout of 2012 occurred. I finished up my chicken strip and headed out. If I'd have known that was the last Diet Dr Pepper from a fountain I'd be getting for the next 36 hours, I would have taken it with me...

We went on a water boil notice which was effective until Sunday afternoon, so what's a girl who is living out of a mini-fridge to do but just drink beer instead? So Saturday, my friend Emma, invited me to a private party where our friend Buzz's son, Ross Cooper was opening for Curtis Grimes. Ross is moving to Nashville soon so we wanted to see him play one of his last shows. *Fun fact* Did you know Jon Taylor of Mount Vernon Studios plays drums for Ross? Well now ya do. It was his birthday Saturday. I'm not a stalker, I just know this because we took shots to the band, which became birthday shots for Jon.

We had so much fun and I met a lot of new people. It wasn't the best crowd and I always feel sorry when bands like Curtis Grimes come all the way to Lubbock to play a show like that, but I guess if they're getting paid they don't mind. We tried to make the best of it by getting all the little girls to come up to the stage and dance with us and eventually their parents started dancing too.

Curtis's show was awesome.  He is always so entertaining and really catered to this crowd by playing some awesome covers - Buzz and I danced to one of my favorite Haggard songs, "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink." When the show was over, Curtis was so sweet to the little girls and signed autographs for them (and me - I had to have the set list) and was even smart enough to hand me his guitar picks so I could distribute them to the girls without starting a cat fight. He is a super nice guy. I was a fan way before he went on The Voice and I think it was a good thing for him as it got him a lot more recognition in Texas, but he has clearly stayed true to himself even after his 15 minutes of NBC fame.

This video is awesome.

I had a fantastic weekend and it was SO good to finally get some live music back in my life! This coming weekend should have even more. I was planning on going to Greenfest but I don't think it's going to happen... I'm flat broke! But I can't wait to hear all about it and I will be incredibly jealous of anyone who does get to go. If you go, I want full reports when you get back!

Emma and I with Ross Cooper
Seriously? How precious are these girls (And him).

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