July 26, 2012

Leon Russell - "A Song For You"

A lot of times the focus of music is on the artist.  I like to think the focus should be equally on the artist, the songwriter, and the instruments.  Leon Russell has mastered all of this.  Although not nearly as well known as most, his talent as a musician and songwriter has crossed all boundaries, from country to rock to R&B.  Today's Throwback song is "A Song for You".  You may have heard Willie Nelson's early 1970s version, but this song has been covered by more than 40 artist, from Ray Charles to Christina Aguilera.

Russell came out of Lawton, Oklahoma, establishing with fellow musician "The Tulsa Sound".  After moving to L.A., he started his career as a session musician, playing over the years on albums for Glen Campbell, Joe Cocker, George Harrison, and many others.

His talent has endured the test of time.  From his first album in 1966, to his #1 hit with Willie ("Heartbreak Hotel") in 1979, to his 2010 release of a duet album with Elton John.  His accomplishments were recognized in 2011 as he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

PS - Big huge thanks to my friend who shall remain nameless who helps me come up with Throwback Thursdays.
*Hint: he was born in the '60s!*

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