May 21, 2012

The Damn Quails 5/18/12

Last Friday night I finally got to see the Damn Quails for the first time. I mean, got to hear more than one song like at LJT. They were playing at The Office in Lubbock. I had never been there before, so I drug my friend Lindsey and another friend with me. As usual, Lindsey got restless before the band even came on and left my ass there. I really didn't care because I ended up finding some other people I knew and assumed the position at the front of the stage and zoned in.

The bar was PACKED and when Neely and JD from 105.3 introduced the band, they said this was the first time ever The Office had been sold out. The show was AWESOME. I'd heard that they never play the same song twice, and while they did sound different from their recorded songs, I was still able to sing along. They were very energetic and all-around entertaining. Plus, that Gabe is just plain cute. I was pretty drunk because I had been slamming beers earlier at an awkward graduation party. Then to make matters worse, my friend asked someone in the band in the middle of the concert if I could drink the beer out of the buckets of Lonestar sitting on the stage going untouched. Nice guy said yes, so I was good to go.

I'm pretty sure they played all the songs from Down the Hatch and I sang my little heart out along with everyone in the bar, especially to Fool's Gold. I know they played my favorites, Quicksand and Ice Man. Bryon got this crazy evil look in his eye when he sang Ice Man, which I thought was hilarious.  After they were finished I decided I needed to go meet them so I headed to the merch booth. Somewhere in my stupor I decided I was going to try my hand at selling tshirts, so I just hung out with the merch dude. I did get to talk to the band and even though I couldn't tell ya what on earth I talked about, I remember they were all super cool and sweet and never acted annoyed at this random little drunk girl who claimed to be a music blogger from some blog they'd never heard of.

Great night. Great band. Great people. I don't even care that I got ditched at the bar because I just made my own fun anyway. I'm glad I got to meet them and I hope they don't all think I'm a drunk lunatic! I can't wait to see them again.

I got some so-so iPhone pictures sponsored by free Lonestar Beer and even a video of some song that I think was either a cover or something new because I didn't recognize it.

I don't know why this is green but you can see the full band a little better.

Evidently I bought a t-shirt because my DD found it in her car the next morning. Isn't it so cute?
Here's the video I took, see if you can figure out what song this is!

Here's their newest single, So So Long.

Check out the Damn Quails website here, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook!
And most important, buy their music!

PS- Their tweets about Biggie crack me up. I didn't realize he was the harmonica player till the other night!

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