July 31, 2012

Amanda Shires - July 26, 2012

Being from Lubbock, I'd heard of Amanda Shires a few times as a result of her having played with the Thrift Store Cowboys, but it wasn't until she got engaged to one of my favorite Americana artists, Jason Isbell, that I started to listen to her music. I can't describe her sounds myself, but her website biography says "her energetic, jittery vocals and eccentric lyrical subjects mark her out as a young female heir to the godfather of strange, Tom Waits. In her more conventional moments, Shires sounds like the weird young niece of Dolly Parton.”

So of course I obliged when my boss invited me and some coworkers to the Buddy Holly Center last Thursday afternoon for live music featuring Miss Shires herself. Aside from the hot west Texas sun, the afternoon was perfect - made better by good company and cold beer, and the music was awesome. Her quiet voice, accompanied by her fiddle and occasional whistling and a man on acoustic guitar was the perfect backdrop to a relaxing afternoon in downtown Lubbock.

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