July 30, 2012

Bleu Edmondson - July 29, 2012

This past Saturday night at Blue Light was a first for me. Bleu Edmondson took the stage after a rocking set by Brandon Adams and The Sad Bastards. Wearing faded jeans, boots and a backwards flat-billed baseball cap, Bleu took us through every realm of what Texas Country music is. From a very country "Fifty Dollars and a Flask of Crown," to "Blood Red Lincoln," with a dramatic intro that I originally thought was going to be a cover of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold," we were kept on our toes all night. The presence of the 4-piece band was pretty chill - not necessarily the type of engagement that leaves the crowd fist-pumping on panty row, but enough to keep the dance floor full all night long.

One of my favorite moments was a broken down version of "Resurrection" that I may not have even recognized from the studio version had I not known it by heart. I was also surprised by a pretty great Reckless Kelly cover of "Vancouver." Bleu also gave a shout-out to the Boot Campaign and told the story of how he wrote the song "Black and White" before preforming it. The night ended with the sad and lonely "Finger on the Trigger," followed up by the always upbeat cover of "The Weight" by The Band.

It was a great night and Bleu and the band hung around after to sign autographs and sell merch out of a modest little suitcase. Of course I bought a koozie, stole the set list and got it autographed. I have always been a so-so fan of Bleu Edmondson but after seeing him live, he jumped up a few notches in my book.

Here is his latest single, "Black and White." Check it out and BUY it, because he is donating the proceeds from the digital sales to the Boot Campaign.


  1. you fucking suck

  2. Disregaurding the comment made by the apparently highly disrespectful and ignorant "Anonymous" that doesn't even have the balls to use their real name, I think that this post (and whole blog) is amazing!

  3. While I can't speak for the entire blog, I am calling bullshit on this post. 1) Never seen Bleu live before? Must have been cozy under your rock. 2) Ever heard of Rita Ballou, the blogger from Rawhideandvelvet.com? Oh, of course you have, since you completely stole her phrases word for fucking word.
    I see nothing but a half rate watered down copy cat shitty version of something that's been highly successful for 2 1/2 years.

    1. Thanks for reading Bad Apple! Yes, I do live under a rock, it's called Lubbock, Texas. But I'm very glad I was able to finally see Bleu live, better late than never.

      Yes, I've heard of Rita. I've read her blog faithfully for over a year now and what she does is great. She is a huge role model to me, but I wouln't say I am copying her. She is my #1 source of news and she reports news and opinion. I simply post songs that I like and talk about shows I've been to. Yes, she coined the phrase "panty row," but if I were her I would be flattered that a term I coined was so well-known that pretty much everyone in Texas uses it. But now that you've pointed that out, I will start putting quotation marks around the phrase so that readers will know it is not something I came up with. If you read far enough you will see that she is clearly listed on the "Blogs I Love" section.

      It may be a half rate watered down shitty blog, but it is what I love and everyone's gotta start somewhere. I certainly didn't start this blog thinking about that people would actually read it. I did it so I could have an outlet for my love of music because gabbing to my friends just wasn't cutting it anymore.