July 17, 2012

Old Crow Medicine Show - Carry Me Back

Bluegrass was one of those things that had to grow on me.

Like BIG time.

I used to hate it, like most American females in their 20s probably do. But since "broadening my horizons" beyond the one and only Bluegrass song most people know, "Wagon Wheel," I've come to love bluegrass/folk music. I guess you have to start somewhere. Eventually, I realized that there was more to Old Crow Medicine Show than that one song that seems to be covered by every wannabe country band in existence, which just pisses me off because it is never done right. Even worse, when somebody plays a different version of it from their iPod without ever realizing it is the WRONG version... then argues that they've never heard of OCMS. But that's neither here nor there.

The point is, bluegrass music is good. It may not be for everyone, all the time, but give it a shot! If you haven't gotten into it, listen to this new album, Carry Me Back, that just came out today. I've been listening all day and critics are saying it's one of the best Old Crow releases in years. If you like it, come back and thank me. Then get on Spotify and listen to "Methamphetamine" and "Down Home Girl" and get real hooked.

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