July 13, 2012

Uncle Lucius - Pocket Full of Misery

Have I ever told you how much I love Uncle Lucius? Well, I do. A whole lot! One of the most fun shows I've ever experienced at Blue Light was this band. And their album Pick Your Head Up is one of those that if one song comes up on shuffle, I wind up listening to the whole thing over and over. I've been hooked for a really long time and I'm not even sure how I heard of them. What I do know is their next album, And You Are Me comes out August 28th, and the date is written on my calendar on my wall next to my desk so I can count down the days.

Their video for the first single on the album, "Pocket Full of Misery" came out today. I watched this video from a 1970-something Willie Nelson picnic earlier this week and was convinced I was born in the wrong decade. But after watching this Uncle Lucius video, I feel alright. This is my kind of party and exactly what I'd be fine doing every weekend of my life. I wish I could have been there for the making of this video because it seems like it was hardly a video shoot and more of a party/garage rehearsal in which video cameras just so happened to be present for.

If you don't know Uncle Lucius yet, check it out. You're about to have a new favorite uncle.

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