March 21, 2013

Women Week Throwback - Tammy Wynette

My friend, JNJ, is on board for Women Week with Throwback Thursday.

Today's throwback, staying with The Arrogant Texan's female theme this week, is The First Lady of Country Music... Tammy Wynette. Tammy had many hits, but when you hear "Stand By Your Man," there's no doubt who it is, and arguably one of the most famous songs ever. 

Tammy was born in Mississippi in 1942, and we lost her much too early in 1998, but she left us with so many great songs. But more importantly, she opened the door for so many of today's female performers. And maybe the most impressive thing she did was she accomplished so much and still had time to survive a six-year marraige to George Jones, which produced amazing duets! 

Enjoy the videos below, and always remember Tammy!

Stand By Your Man:

Good Girl is Gonna Go Bad:

We're Gonna Hold On, with George Jones:

March 20, 2013

Women Week - Holly Williams "Drinkin"

I'm continuing the theme this week of women to celebrate Kacey Musgraves Same Trailer Different Park that came out yesterday.

I heard this song on the radio for the first time about three weeks ago. i had never heard of Holly Williams before, but by the time the song was over, I had already texted a few people announcing that I was obsessed with this song and to go listen to it immediately. Well, in the next few days, I heard the song several more times, her name was popping up all over Twitter and I even caught the video on CMT. Like I said, I had no clue who this chick was, I just liked the song.

Come to find out, Holly Williams is country music royalty. The granddaughter of Hank and daughter of Bocephus, her third album "The Highway" was released in February and fits right in the mix with all of these incredible female artists blowing up the scene in 2013.

This is the song, "Drinkin'," that first caught my attention, but I assure you, the rest of the album is just as good.

March 19, 2013

Kacey Musgraves - Same Trailer Different Park

It's here, it's HERE!!!

I have been waiting on this record for years. I remember being a Kacey Musgraves fan all the way back to when she was on Nashville Star way back in 2007. She only placed seventh, but she was my favorite because she was from Texas. Then several years later her voiced showed up on Josh Abbott's, "Oh, Tonight." About a year and a half ago at a JAB concert here in Lubbock (for KA Kalf Fry, I think), she came out on stage to sing that song with him and she stayed on to sing a song she wrote called "Mama's Broken Heart," which is now Miranda Lambert's current single. I have been stalking Kacey on YouTube for a long time so I knew it and I sang along and nobody I knew had a clue who she was. (Cool story bro.)

I can't wait to see where this album takes her. I think she is going to shake things up in mainstream country music. A lot of her songs are about small town life. But like, the REAL small town life. You know, ex-husband's in the pen and dead-end waitress jobs and trailer parks. Not one mention of dirt roads, beer drinkin or tractors. She doesn't even have to name drop on this album, but if she did, it wouldn't be Joe Diffie, it would be John Prine (who most "country" fans will have to Google anyway). Her songwriting is so fresh and creative and 100% what country music needs right now, in my humble opinion.

This record is about the lyrics. The band isn't overplayed and her vocals aren't going to blow you away. It makes it so much easier to focus on the writing, which is the real star here. And honestly, some of her songs that I would consider her best didn't even make the record. Go look her up on YouTube and see what I mean. (I helped you out already with a few links up above.)

Right now the newness of Same Trailer Different Park hasn't worn off but I guarantee it's in the running for my favorite album of 2013, and it's only March. "Blowing Smoke" is my favorite right now because I can relate to it the most. "Stupid" is as catchy as any Nashville radio hit but with more substance. Then there's "Follow You Arrow," and if you don't like that song, then you're the exact person who needs to hear it - same goes for "Silver Lining." Of course by now every one has heard and loves "Merry Go 'Round." "Dandelion" is Kacey's clever songwriting at it's finest, and "My House" is like the more upbeat version of Miranda's "Airstream Song," which I doodle the lyrics of on my notes every day along with my airstream day dream.

Go buy this record. I won't even tell you to preview it first because you need to just buy it and listen to it.

(I love hearing the crowd's reaction on this video.)

Oh, and did I mention she's adorable??

March 18, 2013

Women Week - Ashley Monroe "Like a Rose"

I've decided to do something different this week in honor of the much, much, MUCH anticipated Kacey Musgraves release of Same Trailer Different Park tomorrow. I'm going to focus on only female artists this week. I'll review her CD later after I've had plenty of time to listen to it, but I have lots on my agenda to cover this week so let's get started!

Ashley Monroe - Like A Rose came out a few weeks ago and I downloaded it as soon as possible and I can easily say I'm a fan. It is very classic country. I am not a fan of most Nashville female singers with the exception of a few and she is now in that select group for me. Monroe is a Pistol Annie so I was already exposed to her voice and her writing, but this album takes on it's own sound. Her lyrics are real and honest. Vince Gill, who produced the record said "she writes songs like Guy Clark and sings like Dolly Parton."

There's traditional country topics but still feel modern. "Weed Instead of Roses" is a ballsy one but it's done in such a fun way that even the biggest prude will tap a toe to it. "Used" and "The Morning After" both sound like something Lee Ann Womack would have recorded at any point in her career. There's lots of personal anecdotes hidden on this album. The first song on the album and the title track, "Like A Rose," is sort of an auto-biography song and lays down the groundwork for the rest of the songs. "Monroe Suede" shows more personality as does the humorous Blake Shelton duet, "You Ain't Dolly [And You Ain't Porter]."

While it may not have huge commercial radio success, this record will make you laugh and cry and give you your real country music fix all in one. I couldn't really pick out singles because it is a record that you can listen to start to finish and start over again. Check it out.

March 7, 2013

Throwback - Don Williams

Sorry posts have been few and far between... I've been in Houston all week at the Livestock Show and Rodeo. I've seen music that's been good, bad and ugly so hopefully next week I can catch up. Thanks to my friend JNJ for saving me with another Throwback! (Also, this is my first post to do from my phone so sorry if there are any glitches I didn't catch.)

Don Williams, the "Gentle Giant", is a true country icon.  A member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Don has been writing and singing songs for 50 years.  His smooth, gentle voice is like no other.  He has had a string of top ten hits.  In fact, out of 46 singles released, only 4 didn't make it into the top ten.  Born in Floydada, better known as being the home of The Arrogant Texan, his family moved to Portland, Texas.  He started performing at the early age of 3, and has been pleasing crowds ever since.

I was fortunate to get to see Don perform in Ft. Worth about 8 years ago.  But that's not the whole story. My daughter Jera, 16 at the time, wanted me to take her and her best friend Jenny to Ft. Worth to see Don play for her birthday.  The concert was amazing!   For a artist to appeal to such a wide age group, from my dad to my daughter, speaks volumes to the timeless words he has written and the soothing voice he uses to tell the stories.  


Some Broken Hearts Never Mend:

Tulsa Time:

You are my best friend: