July 25, 2012

New Music Videos!

Believe it or now, two new real life music videos came out yesterday. It is so cool to see these guys produce awesome professional videos. Not just the typical singing in a bar with backstage and crowd shots, or boy and girl sitting by the river being hot drinking beer videos. Real story lines that aren't necessarily the obvious ones that go along with the song. Good stuff.

I love this Whiskey Myers song and I didn't expect to see this story in the video, but I dig it. It's actually their second video to show up on CMT.com - the first one for "Ballad of a Southern Man" was great. Too bad these guys are too hairy and don't wear enough eyeliner or glitter jeans to make it on regular CMT TV.

(Just kidding, I like them better this way.)

Next up is the Turnpike Troubadours. I was honestly shocked that they had a video like this made. I don't know why, I guess I just figured they were the more low-key type. But I am so glad they did because I can never, ever get enough Evan Felker in my life and he is pretty damn hot (literally, sweaty) in this video in his cowboy hat. Love. I'm not sure if I totally get the story in this video or not. All I know is I wanted to be right in the middle of that hot, sweaty, boot stompin, honky-tonkin barn dance going on.

Bonus points: I have these boots... and I'm the only adult I've ever seen that owns them, and I don't care.

This one didn't come out yesterday, but I discovered it while I was looking at these, so here ya go.

Now if there are all these videos floating around and CMT isn't showing them, can't we get our own Texas/Red Dirt only channel? And it can show the Texas Music Scene, Troubadour, Tx, All Access Texas, have live broadcasting of TXRDR, concerts, our own countdown show and even throw in some trashy Texas reality shows. I think I could even star in one! It could be called the Tipsy Gypsy and cameras would follow me around as I travel in my Airstream to every dancehall and music festival in Texas, drinking Lonestar beer and doing my thing on the front row of every concert.

Now if that's not a million dollar idea, I don't know what is.

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