July 10, 2012

Fest Out West 2012

On the last day of my trip, Emily and I went to Luckenbach and met up with some friends for Fest Out West.

Yes, I drank a cold Shiner (in between countless Lonestar Lights though.)

We saw Reckless Kelly... and I remembered it!

And Robert Earl Keen. My first time, and I remember most of it!

We had so much fun. The crowd was awesome for it being the first year. I will definitely take lawn chairs next time. The only thing I didn't like was that I couldn't assume my position on the front row because that was roped off and reserved for the big spenders that spent the whole weekend at FOW instead of broke-ass me who only went to the last two concerts.

By the time Reckless Kelly came on, the sun had started to go down a little and there was a place in the shade up on a hill where we could sit and watch instead of standing behind people in chairs (or getting bitched at for standing in front of them). A few other people played before but it was too damn hot to sit in the sun any earlier than we did. Right as REK was wrapping up, it started sprinkling, just enough to cool us off, and it was a perfect end to a great week!

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