May 1, 2012

LJT 2012 - What I Remember

Last week I attended my first ever, but the 24th Annual Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival. I have heard of it for years and been dying to go but this was the first year I got the balls to actually go. I wanted to go last year but didn't realize it until all my friends left down and I was stuck in Lubbock and they were all having the time of their life. I am not gunna lie, I was scared shitless, but I think the excitement was a little stronger. I didn't have a plan, I just rode down there with a friend who happened to be leaving the same time as me and just figured I knew enough people going that I would be fine, and I was right!

Here is a little recap of my favorite moments - the ones I remember anyway - of my days at LJT!


Missed the acoustic stage that day, and I REALLY wanted to see the Dirty River Boys but I know I'll get many more chances. I also missed Thom Shepherd, who I just recently got in to, and Ray Wylie Hubbard which is a complete bummer because he is a legend and I've never had the chance to see him.

I also missed Johnny Cooper, and I actually like his bee-bopping little self. He's different and the kid's a genius. Missed Cory Morrow, nothing new there, I'll get another chance for both of those.

I'm kinda sad I missed Great Divide on their reunion tour for my second chance to actually see them, but I can't lie, I was kind of a late comer to jump on that bandwagon. Like, I didn't even listen to them till they were over, so really no hard feelings there.

Me and Corey got there right at Kevin Fowler took the stage. I have never seen the Redneck Messiah live, but I've always heard he puts on a helluva show. I am not the biggest fan of his music because every song is either about beer or redneck women - which are both things i identify with - I just have a higher IQ than that. I miss his old stuff. That being said, LJT is the place for songs about beer and rednecks, so I really did enjoy his entire show. He certainly does put on a hell of a show. The man's an entertainer! No wonder he gets away with re-writing the same old songs over and over. Oh, and HELL YEAH, I like beer.

The Redneck Messiah and Carter's Rita Ballou koozie

Next up, Josh Abbott. I've seen him a million times, ever since he was just "that boy from Idalou." I always claim to not be the biggest Josh Abbott fan, but his concerts are always good and his songs are always good. I really do like his brand new album that just came out and I scrame (past-tense for scream) Flatland Farmer at the top of my lungs. Everybody else sings about cows and this boy sings about cotton and I love that. That's my thang.


Missed the entire acoustic stage Thursday because some more people were showing up and we were just distracted. Didn't miss much. Didn't really know anybody playing except I'd heard of Zac Wilkerson since he won the Blue Light singer/songwriter competition, and of course Gary P. Nun, which I can do without.

We got to the main stage during mark McKinney's show. He's kind of like Kevin Fowler, his songs are all about beer, the river, and rednecks. Again, LJT is just the right place and time for that kind of music, so I enjoyed it. Nothing special though.

Next, one of my favorites, Turnpike Troubadours. They kicked off their set with their new song, Gin, Smoke and Lies, and I was pumped. They were fantastic, as always. I would mary Evan Felker in a heartbeat. My friends joke around about me having a Turnpike fetish, but that's another story.

Somehow I made it up to the very front of the stage for Aaron Watson. Not sure how that happened but I think it had something to do with my boss, who also had tattooed her campsite to my arm earlier int he day when i went to her camper to take a shower and a *glorious* nap. Aaron Watson kind of irritates me. He is corny and sappy, and he may mean it, but I think he found a goldmine in little girls who just like to swoon and he does everything he can to make them swoon and it works. He ain't stupid, but I'm not either. Not falling for it. Moving on. (But I WAS really close!)
Lady's Man!!

What a great boss!

After Aaron was Wade Bowen. I vaguely remember a few of his songs, but I also think I was taking a little capnap on a cooler at that point. He always sounds just like he does on the radio so it was a snoozer, so naturally I took advantage of that.

Randy Rogers was next, and I was just exhausted at that point. I hadn't slept hardly at all the night before and I was just over it. I tried to stick it out and listen to his whole set, but if I am not either as close to the stage as possible or completely have a "fetish" for the band, I find it very hard to pay attention, especially if I've been drinking. So somewhere in his set, I begged my friend Keely to put me to bed in her parents camper. They fed me fajitas and put me to bed and it was the best sleep I've ever gotten.


I was so excited for the acoustic stage on Friday because I was FINALLY going to get to see the Damn Quails. I jumped on that bandwagon in the very beginning and I still haven't gotten to see them. Everyone else acted excited to see them too, but we had some more people show up that morning, so between everyone lollygagging, we didn't get there until their second to last song. So I had to hammer some beers to stay friendly. Don't judge.

Next up was Josh Weathers. I had heard of him and maybe listened to him a few times on Spotify, but didn't know much else. HOLY SHIT. He blew me away. I was sort of ignoring him at first because I was ticked about missing the DQs and some hot shirtless guys were nearby, but then I paid a little bit of attention and me and Carter decided he sounded a little like Uncle Lucius and Jonathan Tyler. *WINNING* He straight up took us to church. I've never seen anyone with so much soul in my life. He was sweating and running all over the stage and jamming like nothing I'd ever seen. But more on that later. In fact, an entire separate post on one particular song he sang. I'm waiting because I could go on for days about it and I'm hoping a video surfaces soon.

Whew, enough about him. Clay McClinton was next, and I didn't listen or care because I was in a Josh Weathers hangover. Max Stalling was next, and he was good, which I figured he would be, but then we left somewhere in the middle of his set to go get ready for the main stage and missed Radney Foster.

The opener at the main stage was the lovely Charla Corn. I have never seen her and I usually hate women but she is growing on me. She effortlessly belts out the songs she wrote, that aren't about beer and rednecks and I can identify with. She is a winner in my book. Even if I do want to steal her job at The Ranch.

Six Market Blvd. was next and I have been DYING to see them for YEARS. They kicked it off with their new single, Say It and it rocked. Being from Stephenville they had tons of fans there, so the energy of the crowd was unbeatable. They rocked. Can't wait to see them again. They played some new stuff from Shake It Down and left me longing for May 22nd so I can hear it all.

Mike McClue was next. A guy I work with got me and my best friend Lindsey up to the front of the stage again, but I just wasn't that into it. He is good and different and all, but I was a little very drunk then and not paying much attention.

Mike McClure
Roger Creager was the same deal, good, but nothing special. I was too busy having fun with Lindsey and I can see him any time.


Then it was time for Reckless Kelly. Let me tell ya, Lindsey and I have a thing for Reckless Kelly, but I'm not going into that story now. Basically we were just so super pumped to be seeing them again together and we were having so much fun. They put on a great show despite what they've been through lately and it was great to see them in the shirts and ties for the occasion (6MB did that too, and maybe some other bands, sorry if I didn't notice). [Google Mark 'Gus' McCoy if you don't know what I'm talking about.]

Then, closing out the night was Pat Green. He was one of my very first Texas music loves and I have for some reason never gotten to see him live. I heard last year he got booed off the stage, but I think he's made a big comeback and he's back to his old self now. He played a great show and I am SO glad he's back. I have decided that Carry On is probably my all-time favorite song of all-time. Lindsey got some cute tall boy to put me on his shoulders so my short little self could actually see him sing it, then we danced for a few songs and it helped make my first Pat Green experience even better! That was probably my favorite day at LJT all around.


Saturday's acoustic stage wasn't near as good as the day before. I think I stayed for part of Tommy Alverson and went to rest in the shade with my friend Bailey and "refresh" for the mains stage later. I wish I could have seen Josh Grider who opened it, I've liked him ever since he won the Billy Bob's thing last year and the Galleywinter guys always make a big deal about him, but whatevs. I wish I could have heard Walt Wilkins too, but I'm not too crushed.

Now this was the day I have been waiting for for MONTHS. The main stage started with Lubbock-boy (I know he's not really from Lubbock, but he got his start here) William Clark Green. I love me some Will Green and he was awesome. I was up at the front of the stage with a tons of Lubbock people so the energy was awesome and they did great. We were passing around a bottle of American Honey (my FAVORITE) and slapping the bag, so I was getting pretty sloshed at this point. Not to mention it was day four of this and I was hot and hungover and exhausted. But I couldn't be bothered because....

Me, Will and my friend Skylar

COOOOOODDDDERRRR GRRAAWWW!!!!! They are my second favorite band of all time (second only to Ragweed of course) and they broke up when I was practically still a baby and I was so so so sad. I have said for years if I could see any band it would be them, but it would never happen. Well I guess I got my wish! They were incredible. They kicked off with my favorite song of theirs, State Line. They played all the best songs, Llano Estacado (yes, I was really born on the Llano Estacado), Dirty Little Hometown Girl, Whiskey Bent and Hellbound, New Dress,... I could go on and on. Definitely a memorable and once in a lifetime experience and if I didn't go to see any band but them, the entire trip was worth it.

Pretty damn close to the front, I'd say!

Best concert ever.

Now, after all the celebratory drinking with my Lubbock peeps, I needed a little catnap... there's a big chunk after the CG show that I don't remember, but I know I took a nap in a lawn chair, woke up, had a hot dog and a Diet Coke, and I was good to go! Sometimes I just need a little "break." And I'm sorry to any of my new friends who I scared the shit out of, but thankful for my friends who know that's just me.

I was a new woman after my nap and hot dog, and I missed most of the Tejas Brother and Brandon Rhyder. I vaguely remember hearing them, but that's about it. I heard the Tejas Brothers were awesome though! Brandon Rhyder always sounds the same and he is good and all, but not very captivating. He's radio music.

Daryl Dodd was playing about the time I rolled back around. Hearing his music on the radio, I thought he would be a hokey fat old man. Nope, he's hot. He was awesome. Very entertaining and I want to see him again soon. Carter said him and Josh Weathers were the two most surprising and impressive shows. Interesting.
See? Hot.

Jason Boland was next, and I'd seen him a few times before. I love Boland because he is constant and never changes, but again, unless I'm front and center (like I was the last two times I saw him and LOVED him), I just can't get into it. They could have been playing his CD over the stereo and I'd never know the difference.

Larry Joe Taylor closed the show, of course. You can't say no to Larry Joe, in the words of Double D (Deryl Dodd)!! He only played a few songs, and then called everyone back out on the stage. This was another one of my favorite moments. He took us to church with everyone taking turns singing lines of By and By. I think they were making stuff up that had to do with LJT, but I couldn't understand very well. All I know is it was awesome. And adorable little Kylie Rae Harris ended the song and let me tell ya, that girl's got some pipes on her. It was awesome. I swear that song went on for about 30 minutes, but it was alright with me because I didn't want the night to end!

All in all, LJT was a blast and truly the time of my life. I really thought I would not have fun camping out with a bunch of boys and be so done by the second day and find a ride home and never go back. It was kind of the other way around though. Carter was saying that we aren't going till Friday next year, and I want to go on Tuesday!! I could have stayed another week. I am all rested up and I want to drag everyone to Crude Fest in a few weeks for round 2! I have never had so much fun packed into 5 days. It was my kind of fun all the way around.

Red Dirt Randy. I LOVE him! Carter said, "Hallie, that's you in 40 years." I think he may be right!

I'm not the only one who takes power naps in the middle of a crowded concert. 

I love this. Ready to go back

Love these girls!!!
Lindsey and some co-workers and I front row!

Good times with some of my favorite people!
Thanks for the good times Larry Joe and see ya next year!!!!!

Yeah, that's Carter's 1961 Luxury Liner. Be jealous.

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