May 14, 2012

Song of the Day - Rambler

Saturday night I went to Blue Light with some friends for Brandon Jenkins. I was kind of disappointed because the people I went with could have cared less if we were at a karaoke bar or seeing Willie Nelson. I usually take my place up at front and center stage and don't move all night, but this just wasn't that kind of night. They weren't very crowded but I met up with some friends that are pretty fun so I actually got to dance a lot which sort of made up for the duds in the group.

Nothing was very surprising or moving about the concert, but when he introduced the band I heard Jenkins say "K Phillips on the keys." That got my attention. I've been hearing all about his K Phillips dude lately. Evidently he's some sort of songwriting badass that just released his first CD, American Girls, a few weeks ago. I've listened to it on Spotify a few times but it wasn't until I really started reading up on him and really listening that I realized he is damn good. Read a full review of this CD at Galleywinter and read this article to figure him out a little more.

Here's a video from Music Fog of K Phillips - Rambler.

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