May 15, 2012

Taddy Porter

Thanks to one of my music/Blue Light junky friends, I recently found out about a band from Oklahoma called Taddy Porter. I had heard/seen the name because he? she? had played at Blue Light last week. When I went to the bar Saturday night, my friend mentioned he was bummed that didn't get to come see them (I found out Taddy isn't a he or a she but a them) play because he had a final Thursday. I asked him a little about the band, and basically he said they are like the Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights of Oklahoma.

Well of course that sparked my interest. The next day I listened to them a little bit on Spotify and about two songs in caved and bought their entire self-titled album. It's tough to compete with the playlist I'm into right now since it's full of Josh Weathers, Turnpike, and some other new stuff, but I have found myself hitting skip over and over and eventually wind up just listening to Taddy Porter.

I did a little stalking research and figured out some more about them. Evidently Taddy Porter isn't the name of the lead singer, it's the name of a random beer they've never even tried. They are a blues-rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma and they tour with JTNL a lot. (!!!) Lead singer Andy Brewer is from some sort of baseball dynasty and they've played with some pretty big names and had their music used for lots of cool stuff.

Taddy Porter is the kind of old rock music that just doesn't exist anymore. But bands like this, JTNL, and potentially Whiskey Myers and Cody Canada & The Departed give me hope that it can be resurrected. TP's music isn't angry like most rock tends to be these days. Songs like Big Enough have such sweet lyrics, just delivered in a way that makes you want to head bang, which is totally my kind of love song. Mean Bitch isn't even an angry song, it's more about a strong, opinionated woman (LOVE).

So far my favorites are King Louie (be careful listening to that in the car, it causes me to drive way too fast), Whatever Haunts You, Big Enough and Mean Bitch.

Here's the video for Long Slow Drag:

And a live one of King Louie:

The Blue Light website says they'll be back June 9th, and yeah, it's on my calendar. See ya there.

Check 'em out here.
And buy their CD here.

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