May 22, 2012

Six Market Blvd. - 5/19/12 & Shake It Down

Today is the day! Shake It Down is here. Six Markets Blvd.'s second album. I have been a big fan of theirs for years. I go months at a time with Running On Seven being the only CD I have in my pickup. I bought the new one at midnight and I have had it on repeat ever since. I'm not going to be one of those people who after listening to a CD three times will tell you it's life-changing, but it really is good and I think everyone should buy it.

I got to see them this past Saturday night at the Blue Light. I have only seen them once before at LJT but this time was way different. Different as in I was able to focus and take my position front and center. My dad is a huge 6MB fan too, so my parents met me and my friend Sydney there.

My friend Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards opened and they were playing when I got there. He was awesome, as usual. Then 6MB started and the area in front of the stage started filling up. They kicked off with their newest single, 'Say It' from the new album. They played all my favorites from their first CD and then several new ones. The crowd sang along to 'Silence In Me,' danced to 'Ready To Throw' and everyone had a good time. Brandon and Red Shahan from Red and the Vityls (who wrote '14 Miles To Go' on Shake It Down) even got back up on stage for a few songs. I loved how they didn't take anything too serious and just went with the flow.

I've heard people say they don't like when bands play covers, but I absolutely love a good cover song. They started playing a song that I recognized and at first I thought it was because it was one of their songs I've listened to a million times. Then the further they got into it I realized it was Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights' song 'Young Love.' Seriously?!? That's like two of my favorite things in one. This completely made my night. I don't know if anyone else realized what was going on but I certainly did and I was floored. They did it perfectly. They also covered The Band's 'Cripple Creek' which was awesome too.

I adore lead singer Clayton Landau's voice and think it is so unique, but the new album has a few songs sung by bass player/songwriter Ben Hussey. He also has a distinct voice that fits the songs. He sang a few the other night too.

Their guitar player, Josh Serrato is a complete and total badass, which is evident from their recorded music but even more evident live. My dad is a guitar junkie so he camped out in front of him all night. He told me later that he's one of the best he's ever heard, but not THE best, because he's seen Clapton. Quite the complement. After the concert Brandon introduced me to part of the band (he got a little disctracted by somebody buying him shots and didn't finish) but he told me he thinks Josh is the next big thing and will be famous someday and I believe him. He also told me the drummer Dallas Neal is the sweetest, most down to earth guy which is clear in his stage-presence: all smiles.

New Slang interviewed Clayton here, which is much more in-depth than my nonsense so go read that.
Also, I'm not going to sit here and make a fool of myself reviewing albums because I don't know what to say other than, "huh, I really liked that," but the guys at New Slang know what they're doing. I'm working on it though. I like to listen to albums first and see what I think and then compare it to other reviews to see if I was "right," even though it's all totally opinion.... well I did that this time but this girl pretty much took the words out of my mouth so if you want to hear my review, just go read hers, I'm not here to reinvent the wheel.

I will tell you I love 'Say It,' 'Mailbox' (favorite), 'Santa Fe Train,' and 'Hey Mr. Indian Man' right off the bat, but if this is anything like their first album, every time I listen to it I'll have a new favorite.

But most importantly BUY Shake It Down and if you don't have Running On Seven, get it while you're at it, you won't regret it.

Josh Serrato and Clayton Landau

Brandon Adams, Clayton Landau and Red Shahan

Clayton and Ben
Dallas Neal
Red Shahan

Ben Hussey and Brandon Adams

Josh Serrato tearing it up.

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