May 11, 2012

Sons of Fathers

Last night I cooked supper for my friends that are leaving town for the summer this weekend and a few beers in we decided it was a good idea to go to Blue Light. Uncle Lucius and Sons of Fathers were playing. I had seen Uncle Lucius there before and it was one of my favorite concerts I've seen there. I had never seen Sons of Fathers but had been following them since one of the lead singers, Paul Mark Cauthen, came in second in the Blue Light singer/songwriter contest a few years ago (lost to Casey Berry). I loved his song Sound of Water. He started up a band with David Beck called Beck and Cauthen, but then they had to change their name to Sons of Fathers when the singer Beck got his panties in a wad for them using his name. Because I'm real sure they run with the same crowd...

Anywho, I knew a few of their songs, but I was excited to hear more. We got there right before Uncle Lucius was finishing their second to last song, which I was sad about, but it was partly my fault we got there so late anyway so I didn't pout too much. (BTW- Kevin from Uncle Lucius SHAVED! He looks so nekid.. I don't like it!)

Sons of Father started pretty much right away with the two front-men sharing the front of the stage, Cauthen with a guitar and Beck with an upright bass.... yeah you read that right. It was so badass. They also had a guy on keys and slide guitar.. that's something you don't see every day and it was awesome. I loved watching Beck on the bass... it was impossible not to smile watching him. He gets so into it and has the cutest grin on this face the entire time, just infectious.

If you like Dirty River Boys and the Damn Quails, you'll love Sons of Fathers and I really see them being on that level soon.

They were awesome. The energy of the crowd was perfect after hearing Uncle L play and these bands together turned out to be the perfect way to end a rainy day. I couldn't stand still and was just tapping my boots and dancing even though I didn't know the words to most of the songs. At one point Carter looked at me and said, "you just can't stand it that I know these songs and you don't." He's so right, but youbetcha next time I see them I'll know every word because the first thing I did this morning was download their self-titled album.

When they played the song Flatlands, being in Lubbock, Texas and all, everybody threw their beers in the air and belted out the entire song. We high plains kids are kinda prideful like that. I love when everyone comes together at the front of the stage and strangers just start head-banging together and everyone is happy and just on cloud nine. That's live music for ya. Oh and probably a few of those $2 Lonestars.

They didn't play near long enough to satisfy me though. When they finished up, everyone started chanting "5 more songs!! 5 more songs!!" because just one more couldn't possibly be enough.

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