May 17, 2012

Song of the Day - Whatever You Throw

So here's a little story for ya...

A long time ago (like 8 years ago) a little girl named Hallie had just discovered bands like Pat Green and Cross Canadian Ragweed and was becoming more and more obsessed with Texas Country. The problem was, this little girl didn't know about any music outside of what she heard on the radio station in her hometown or saw on CMT, which was a crying shame.

Luckily for Hallie, she had a cool older sister who was in high school ag classes. The class was lucky enough to have one cool dude from Texas Tech come student teach for a semester. This guy knew about things going on outside of Podunk, Texas and began introducing his students to cool new Texas Country bands. And Elizabeth told Hallie and she thought it was cool and she is now obsessed with Texas music.

The end.

Well, one of those bands was called the Hogg Maulies. What the hell is a Hogg Maulie, right? That's what I thought too and when Elizabeth put that CD in for the first time I thought she was nuts. But her cool ag teacher told her it was cool and he was right, it was. They were a brand spankin new band back then. I don't even think we could actually buy a CD at that point, I think they were all just burned off the same computer and passed around.

I have been a huge Hogg Maulies fan for a very long time. Then I got to college and realized everyone in Lubbock knows and loves them too. Come to find out it's a very small world and a few of the people I work with are good friends with the band. I have always partly blamed my sister's student teacher on starting my obsession with music and opening the doors for me to see what else is out there and even though he has no clue who I am, he married a good college friend of mine's sister.. hi Garrett!

Anyway, enough about me. Today I saw on Twitter that @ParkerMorrow, who plays guitar for the @HoggMaulies, said their new single Whatever You Throw just hit radio stations. Their new CD they've been working on comes out this summer and I am pumped. It's been a long time since they've had new music. If this is the song I think it is, I've known it for a while, but I guess they just now recorded it.

When I searched for the song, I found this video. I'm sure there is a much better and newer version than this one from 2009, but I had to use it.


I had an internship at the radio station in this video the summer after I graduated high school.
(KFLP- "106.1 FLIP FM, don't flip us off, flip us ON!")
Yup, I spent a whole summer in that stool right there stalking people on Facebook and listening to music. (Remind me to tell you about the time I was responsible for the f-word being sang on the radio about 7 times in a row.)

So that's why I had to use this video.

Another fun fact:

The guy with the beard and long hair was my photography professor and one of my favorite teachers I've ever had. And he also used to have the same job I have now.

I'm tellin ya... small world! Either that or I am just a complete stalker/creeper, which is highly likely.

Check 'em out on Facebook, Twitter, and their website
And don't forget to BUY THEIR MUSIC!

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