September 18, 2012

Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights with Taddy Porter

Normally when I see bands I've been looking forward to seeing for a long time, I take notes in my phone or at least don't let myself get too carried away so I can remember enough to write about it the next week. Well I saw Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights twice this past weekend as well as Taddy Porter for the first time. Taking notes just wasn't in the cards for me but it was worth it. Both shows were right up there with the times I saw Josh Weathers or the Departed at Blue Light. Top 5 caliber for sure. Even if I don't remember everything, it was pretty damn unforgettable.

I can't lie, I was a little disappointed that Taddy Porter didn't play more songs that I knew, but I guess that just means new music is on it's way. The guys in that band are amazing though. I love a band that isn't afraid to come hang out in the crowd and watch the next band play and that is just what they did.

I'm pretty sure this is my favorite picture of all time. Not real sure why these faces are being made but my friend Layton (photobomber in the background) says it's because I just called him out on calling Andrew (the lead singer) Taddy. And not only did I know his name wasn't Taddy but that he comes from a family of baseball legends. I think he was surprised I knew that.

(Sorry - I can never pass up the opportunity to quote Friends.)
Anywho, for the first time I think ever at Blue Light I stepped outside of my comfort zone (fron row, center stage). This time I stood on the church pew by the side of the stage and realized that it's damn near as fun. Maybe more fun because you can see the entire band and also the whole crowd. And for someone who loves people watching so much, that's a plus.

Favorite moments of the JTNL shows:
Gypsy Woman, of course.
Honky Tonk Women (Stones cover).
This new song.
Everything that came from Miss Emotion Brown.
The finale/encore Beatles cover with Taddy Porter.
Everything else.
From the beer slinging, to people taking off their clothes and just plain raging - you can't explain a Jonathan Tyler show until you've been. Even though I was practically deaf all day Sunday and only wanted to sleep off my hangover, I could probably still go for round 3 and 4. So if you haven't been yet, do whatever it takes to get to a show immediately. If you love blues, rock and roll or just good music of any kind, you can't go wrong with JTNL.

Friday night - Round 1.

One of my favorite moments. JT walked out on the tables right in front of where I was standing.
Friday night - the finale with Taddy Porter. Slinging beer. Yes.
Sometimes I'm so impressed with my drunk iPhone photography! Actually I think I handed the phone to somebody else to take this one.
I love her! I want her to be my best friend.

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