September 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday - King George

It feels so cliche for me to be posting a George Strait song. But I am still in mourning that the King announced his final tour yesterday. His first stop is in Lubbock in January so I'm praying my parents are quick enough to snatch up some tickets for my sister and I for Christmas. Lord knows I won't be able to afford them myself. I've seen him twice and while it's not my preferred concert environment (beer-soaked bar, front row, rowdy crowd), there's nothing like seeing a man that has been an icon for many generations singing hit songs from before I was born that are still played on the radio every day.

Nothing will take me back to my childhood faster than "I'm Carrying Your Love with Me" or "Check Yes or No." I can't pick a favorite. I have tried and I think it changes every time but is usually somewhere around "Blue Clear Sky" or "Run." It's impossible to pick just one, but I love this list Galleywinter put together last year. It's pretty cool to see what an impact one singer has had on so many.

ps - Sorry. This is probably the sappiest song I've ever posted but it just fits the bill too well. :)

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