September 7, 2012

Hogg Maulies - "My Home"

Tonight I'm going back to my hometown for the first homecoming football game since I left. I don't want to go but my two best friends from high school are dragging me along so I think we'll make it fun. I must say I'm completely blown away by some of the mums I've seen on Facebook already. I think it's 20+ years of mum-envy building up. I've never had a mum because my mom had me convinced they were tacky (they ARE - that's the POINT). I feel a little deprived and I don't think I can complete my proper small-town-Texas raisin' until I've worn a homecoming mum big enough to saddle. That's what small-town homecoming is all about, right?

There are so many songs about small-town America. And let's face it, most of them are check-lists of clich├ęs associated with hometowns and they all sound the same. Very few accomplish this while still being original - think Ragweed's "17" and Charlie Robison's "My Hometown."

This song from the new Hogg Maulies album, August Rain can be added to that list of good examples. Maybe I just like it because it's so West Texas oriented, which I think is a little under-represented in songs in general. But everything about this song hits home for me - no pun intended.

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