September 25, 2012

New Music Tuesday - Mumford & Sons, Josh Weathers

Well this weekend was full of activities which I cannot possibly re-cap properly because I just felt like it was more important to have fun than pay attention. I will say that I saw Chris Knight for the first time, and other than feeling like I should have popped 10 Prozac before hand, he was really good. And I am still loving his CD that came out last week.

I also went to the second annual JAB Fest. Mostly because my roommates wanted to go and they hardly ever want to do that kind of stuff. And also so I could say I have been to every JAB Fest someday if that is ever something to brag about. I'll just leave it at that. But evidently I missed one hell of a show by some band I've never heard of (Cadillac Black), and I heard the Hogg Maulies were good too, as usual. Creager and Morrow were a blast and those were about the only bands I watched. By the time Josh Abbott came on I was over it because there were too many frat dudes and sorority girls in my bubble. (Shocker)

ANYWHO. New music this week seems kinda scarce. Maybe because I'm being lazy, or maybe because the past two weeks were chock-full.

Mumford & Sons Babel came out. I haven't really listened to it yet. Honestly, I haven't been the biggest fan before, but they are growing on me. I'm not sure if it's my aversion to English accents or my stubbornness issues accepting bands who have the whole world on their bandwagon before me. BUT, like I said, they are growing on me.

And the only other new music I have today was kind of a surprise. I don't really know if this is considered a "release" yet. I really don't even know what is going on at all. This is what I do know: I nearly wet my pants when I saw this status on Josh Weathers' Facebook page the other day:

I didn't even know he had a new CD coming out soon. So naturally I immediately purchased it. It was in my mailbox when I got home last night and has been on repeat ever since. I will try to review it soon and get the rest of the information on how you can get it if you missed your window of opportunity. And can I just say, I LOVE how he is doing it old-school, by himself, through PayPal and shipping everything himself? I've heard that he is the hardest working man in local (Fort Worth) music and I'm beginning to see why. 

Read my live review from the Blue Light here (which I still stand by my word that it was the best concert I've ever seen there).

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