September 6, 2012

Mickey Newbury - Throwback Thursday

Have you ever wondered who Waylon was singing about in his song "Luckenbach Texas", when he sings the line, "Hank Williams' pain songs and Newbury's train songs"?  He was giving a nod to one of the great singer/songwriters, Mickey Newbury.  Although he was the youngest person ever inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame, he is not as well known as many of the artists who sang his songs.  Labeled as one of the first outlaws to buck the Nashville system, and a person who Ralph Emery once called a "hippy cowboy," he did things his way.  Do yourself a favor and read all about Mickey, enjoy his music, and see how so many were influenced by it.

This trilogy of songs, which he did not write but arranged, went on to become the centerpiece for every Elvis Presley show.  

This song was made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis, but on this video you can enjoy the haunting voice of a legend.  

Thanks to my good friend - who happens to be from Waylon's hometown - for introducing me to Mickey and so much other music!

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