September 14, 2012

The Departed - "Worth the Fight"

A few days ago on Twitter and Facebook, I started noticing The Departed retweeting and sharing statuses people had made about their new single "Worth the Fight." I didn't think much of it until I noticed the word 'agvocate.' It was really weird for me to see that word associated with music. I hear that word nearly every day. In case you didn't know, this ol' blog is just a hobby. I really work in the cotton industry and am getting a degree in Agricultural Communications. So seeing all these ag blogs posting about The Departed was like my two worlds colliding. I don't really know how this whole thing got started because this song definitely isn't out right about farming, but It's neat to see how different people interpret songs.

I for one know exactly where these people are coming from. I come from a long line of cotton farmers, my dad is a crop duster and my sister and I both work in the ag industry. It is definitely a fight. This video on cotton farming says it all.

Texas Cotton Association from Studio 84 Productions on Vimeo.

This weekend some really cool things are going on in Lubbock (which is sort of the reason for my lack in posts the past few days). The Texas Tech football game tomorrow has been named the Cotton Game. So I have been working around the clock at work helping plan and coordinate lots of different things we are doing in conjunction with this event.


  1. Great post, thanks for blogging about this! The #worththefight trend got started with my blog and my challenge to other agvocates to tell the world what's worth the fight to them.

    I will be sure to add you post onto the list on my blog :)

  2. Thanks for fighting the good fight AND for promoting cotton - not only this week, but on a day-to-day basis.