September 19, 2012

New Music of the Week!

So much new music came out yesterday that I'm still trying to digest it all. Here's a pretty good list, I don't think I have much more to add to it.

I will tell you I didn't think I would like the new Curtis Grimes live album. I don't know why - I've always liked him, even before the Voice - but I tend to like people less for no reason with popularity. But this new album is dang good! I love that he included the Nelly song. I remember the first time I saw him live and he did this song. I thought "GOLD!" and it is. This whole album is just fun and makes me want to go dancing.

I'm also very surprised with the new Bart Crow. I've never not liked him, but he's never been my favorite either. This album is his best yet from what I've heard and I'll be listening to it a lot in the weeks to come. "Dandelion" (also the name of the album) really caught my eye ear, but just about every one of them did.

I've only listened to a few on Mike Ryan's new release Night Come Falling. I'm waiting until I get my autographed hard copy (thanks Independent Sky Music!!) I LOVE Mike Ryan and I know I will wear this one out once I get it.

Ryan Bingham is catching lots of flack for his new album Tomorrowland but so far. There's a bunch of newer, more rock sounding stuff than his die-hard fans are used to, but I dig it. There's also still a bunch of very classic Bingham tunes, so everyone should be happy. Oh and I must say, I was skeptical till I heard "Guess Who's Knockin'." (He had me at motherfucker.)

And finally, Dwight Yoakam's Three Pears. I think Yoakam is a music icon that is vastly under-appreciated by the masses. I love him, his style, his mysteriousness, his unique sound and his dance moves. So far I'm loving this new one. It's classic and makes me want to go back to the '90s when he was the only one dancing around in skinny jeans and he could actually pull it off unlike the band fairies these days. Long live Dwight!!

Go test drive these on Spotify if you want but be sure you buy what you like!

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