December 29, 2011

Why I Love Music

*Originally posted April 12, 2011*

Ever since I can remember, classic rock has been part of my life. I remember the days that I didn't have a single song to my name, all I had was my parents dusty stereo that was bigger than the microwave I currently have in my apartment. We still have that old thing, and it still works most of the time. I remember it used to sit in the cabinet of the armoire in our living room and the drawer beneath it was filled with my parents old BC (before children) cassette tapes. Most of them were from the 80s, their high school days. We even had a few CDs that were probably purchased after they had my sister and I. I remember dancing around the living room non-stop to Shania Twain playing. What I remember most about it though was looking through the old songs wondering what the heck my parents were thinking listening to hair bands of the 80s. I for one was not allowed to stray from our local country station and venture into pop or rap, who did they think they were listening to rock?

I didn't even realize it but all the great songs we hear in movies that are considered oldies but goodies, I listened to growing up all the time. My dad shares a passion and knowledge for music like me. Our time in the pickup together has always been jam out time. When I was a kid, we would always listen to the classic rock station. Every song that came on, he would quiz me about until I figured out who it was, then fill me in on anything he knows about them, or a particular time he saw them in concert. Anytime ZZ Top was on, the hint he always gave me was "these guys are as old as your grandad and still rock out every night." Many times we would be coming home from the hangar late at night after a long day at work. Every night at 9 p.m. that station played a Pink Floyd song, and it would always say "time for your Floyd fix." I can't think of how many times we would pull into the driveway of wherever we were going and we could not get out of the car until the song Free Bird was over. It is my dad's favorite song and it is his ringer on my phone. 

These days, Daddy is getting more interested in the music I listen to, which ironically, I think I love because of the music I listened to with him for so many years. It's funny because now that I am driving and have control of the radio, we tend to put it on Texas Country. We do the same thing only in reverse now. I quiz him every time a new song comes on until he guesses it. He is very good at picking out Brandon Rhyder, Jason Boland, Ragweed and always Kevin Fowler. Anytime he gets a hold of the iPod though, he still switches it to his classic favorites, and every time he boils over with happiness that I am smart enough to have it on my iPod. My raising definitely played a part in shaped my interest in music.

He also played lots of Glen Campbell, Gary Stewart and other classic country which I had an aversion to until recently when I realized it was alright.

Since coming to college, my tastes have grown and expanded into more folk, Americana and most recently bluegrass. I never thought I'd like bluegrass but a good friend of mine has shoved it down my throat enough that I've eventually decided if I can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em! 

I'm glad to be good friends with people that constantly introduce me to new music and I can sit and talk for hours on end with them about it. I've learned a lot about Willie, Waylon and the boys from a super-fun co-worker and like I said, lots of bluegrass and Americana comes from one of my best college friends. 

So that's where I developed my taste and love for music in a nutshell! But I'm sure from reading other posts you will find that's it's a lot deeper than that... because I'm such a deep person. ;)

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