December 29, 2011

People I Love: Steve Earle

*Originally posted March 14, 2011*

Being a music lover, I from time to time go on kicks. It may be one particular artist, a certain sound that a few bands share or a genre that I don't listen to on a regular basis. Recently, I have had a rather strange music craving that could only be fed by means of Mr. Steve Earle. I have always loved his music and I recently stocked up on just about all of it. I honestly believe there isn't a bad Earle song out there. When I put it on his music, I know I will never have to hit the next button or switch to the radio because I’m bored. My favorite song by Steve Earle would have to be the classic Guitar Town, which is in my list of top 5 all-time-favorite-songs-ever-in-the-world. I also can't go wrong with I Ain't Ever Satisfied and Fearless Heart. My favorite road trip songs are State Trooper and Six Days on the Road. And another happy song has to be I Love You Too Much. (Baby baby oh baby baby OO pretty baby I love you too much... ) Of course, you can't forget, everybody's favorite line dance, Copperhead Road. His lyrics are all so brilliant and his voice is timeless. I recently found out that he has a new album coming out next month and I could not be more excited! He also has a book coming out that I will have to read. 

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