December 30, 2011

JT&NL Score.

*Originally posted May 28, 2011*

What I am about to tell you about ranks higher on my totem pole than about any other accomplishment I've ever had. I may be a little dramatic, but yes, this is very high on my list.

So here's how it happened. A few weeks ago when I discovered my love of Pandora, I heard some songs by one of my favorite bands (favorite as in the creepy-stalkish way that I obsess over a few bands). Jonathen Tyler & The Northern Lights. I've learned a lot about this band and I knew they had an older CD called Hot Trottin' that they released independently before the album they have out now, Pardon Me. This previous album was taken off iTunes and is no longer being made once they signed the record deal for their current album. They re-recorded a few of the songs off Hot Trottin' for Pardon Me, but they sound a little different than the older versions. I am a huge fan of hearing the original, un-producer-man-edited, versions of songs.

So when I was listening to Pandora, I hear JT&NL's songs Sunshine and She's From the Other Side, and I was thrilled to hear these songs that I'd never heard before. That's when I began my hunt for the original Hot Trottin' album. It had been removed from iTunes before I ever had a chance to purchase it so that option was out. I looked on the merch store on their website and it wasn't available there so my next option was eBay or Amazon. I figured I could find it pretty cheap somewhere since they are a somewhat unknown band and surely somebody is selling their album for the original price.


The first thing I saw when I typed my search into Amazon was this:

Seriously??? $75 for a used CD? My heart was hurting at that moment. So I decided to try eBay and what I found was just as shocking. After I did a little more searching, I found something that I really didn't believe was true at first. I found the album on sale for.... $0.01. Yup, that's right, one penny. I was timid at first but after looking into the seller a little more, evidentaly the person has stacks and stacks of random CDs and DVDs that he sells for a penny a piece. Lucky for me, the man hadn't done his research and was clueless as to how much he could get for the album. As luck would have it (I'm generally a lucky person), I looked at just the right time as the sale ended in a few days and not a single person had bid on the item. I right away put $5 on it and was outbid later that night by someone else. I strategically outbid the person the next day and just when I thought I had won it, they outbid me again less than an hour before the auction ended. I contemplated what to do, and I was driving back to Lubbock with and right when I was supposed to arrive in Lubbock is when the sale would end. So when I got to the parking lot, I sat in my pickup and risked waiting until there were about 5 seconds left in the auction, outbid the other person and ended up winning the album for a little less than $15 with shipping. Great success.

I have never felt more accomplished in my life. Not only had I strategically outbid somebody to win something in an auction, I also scored an awesome deal. Go me. I am so damn happy with the album. The original versions are so raw and pure and I was so giddy to hear these versions of songs I already know plus a few other songs that are not on the newest album.

What a good day!

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