December 29, 2011

People I Love: Merle Haggard

*Originally posted April 6, 2011*

Today, April 6, is the birthday of one of my all-time heros, Merle Haggard. The man not only is a country music legend, he also inspired so many of my favorite artists today. He broke many rules of Music Row and there is absolutely no way he would have made it in today's cut & paste fake music industry.

Merle sings and writes from his own life stories. His dad died when he was nine years old and he spent many years in and out of prison. My favorite song of his, Mama Tried is not something he came up with to sound like a badass. It was stuff that actually happened in his life. That is what I love about music. When people have experiences, write about them, and sing them.

Misery and Gin, The Fightin' Side of Me, Pancho and Lefty, I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink. They never get old and neither will he!

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