December 30, 2011

Concert: Miranda Lambert

*Originally posted May 3, 2011*

I can't wait any longer! I have to blog about the Miranda Lambert concert I went to Friday night with my best friends. I can't believe I have gone this long without seeing her in concert. She is one of my favorite artists and absolutely my favorite female artist.

Friday night was the night and we sprayed on the hair spray, layered on our chunkiest, junkiest jewelry, threw on our boots, but didn't wear lip gloss.. why? Because the wind was blowing 143 mph and we had to walk across Texas to get to this thing. And West Texas girls know better than to wear lip gloss in the Spring.


I went with my two best friends, one old and one new, my sister's best friend and my sister met us there. We watched the first show, which was Josh Kelly and he was less than impressive (sorry, your a real cute kid, but you've got a long ways to go.) Then Justin Moore came on, he is such a little guy but he was pretty good live. He's a very hokey-pokey Nashville for my taste, and I definitely think Miranda could have found someone to compliment her music better but whatevs.

Finally, Miranda came out and I didn't want to sit down for two hours. I wished so bad I could have been down on the floor by the stage because there wasn't a jumbo tron and we didn't have the best seats in the world. 

What I loved about her show is the stage was bare except for her and the band, she didn't have any fancy lights or tricks, she simply walked out on the stage and began singing. She is one of the few artists that hasn't sold her soul to the Nashville execs, she is still true to herself and is all about the music. She did not let me down.

She kicked off the show with Only Prettier, which got us girls all fired up. Then went in to singing her other more well-known songs. Of course, my favorite Ran song is Kerosene. For some reason the songs I love most at concerts are when the artists play cover songs that I know. She started off a song that I didn't recognize as one of hers right off the bat so I thought she was pulling something new out. But I was pleasantly surprised when I recognized the tune.... Steve Earle's Hillbilly Highway. What a perfect combination!! Two of my favorites in one. 

She also played Rick Derringer's Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo, which was so fun. And went straight from Famous in a Small Town to Hal Ketchum's Small Town Saturday Night. Clever! I had heard rumors that she sings Haggard's Silver Wings in her show and I was looking forward to it and was disappointed that she didn't play that one. However, at the end of her show, Miranda brought back out Josh and Justin for a grand finale of the three of them singing the original CCR, Creedence Clearwater Revival's Travelin' Band. LOVED IT!

I really loved that Miranda told us she played her next to last show as a single lady here in Lubbock and her last show will be in her hometown. Made us feel special. She is getting married to good Mr. Blake Shelton this weekend I believe.

I can't wait to see/hear more of Miranda Lambert in the next few years and I'm sure her music career will last a long long time because is so down to earth and true to her roots.

Not bad for a stadium type concert, and definitely tops my list of inside, sit-down concerts.

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