November 28, 2012

Randy Rogers Band - "Trouble Knows My Name"

I feel like I've been really lazy lately because I've hardly posted anything at all other than the throwbacks that I don't even write... but the truth is I've been incredibly busy. Since this isn't something I pay for (school) or that pays me (my job) it gets put on the back-burner. But hopefully after Christmas I'll have a lot more free time.

I had planned on writing all about the singer-songwriter competition finale that went down Monday at the Blue Light.... but I don't remember a damn thing about it other than that the candy burns were aplenty and Erick Willis didn't win, even though he played my favorite "song with no name." I couldn't tell you a thing about the guy that won (Danny Cadra) or what his songs were like, but it's who my dad voted for so I trust his opinion. When I Googled him, all I could find was a Myspace page and I couldn't open it at work.... so there's that.

ANYWHO, I found this song today that is evidently the next single off Randy Rogers Band's next record, Trouble. I am still not sure what I think about their last single other than that it was a good song with an awesome video, but it was way too over-produced for my taste. This next one however, I am loving. I was sold at Willie Nelson. Yup, that's all it takes. See for yourself.


  1. Our opinions differ here. I liked the last one more and didnt like it all that much. Still holding out hope though.

  2. Wow- I love it! It's so not classic RRB, nice change.

  3. Just ran across this - my brother is Danny Cadra. Your dad has good taste ;)

    1. He does indeed. In fact, since Danny won the contest his music has really grown on me too! He does a great job hosting the Blue Light contest now and I hear his song on the radio all the time. In fact I got on to my roommate this week because she thought it was a remake of an old song because it just "sounds so old and country..." which is a compliment in my eyes!

      Thanks for reading!