November 7, 2012

Rich O'Toole - "Red Wine On Your Lipstick" and my political affiliation

This video came out yesterday. I'm already a fan. Mostly because I love Rich O'Toole and red wine but also because I love lipstick. Call me 64 years old, but this West Texas girl has discovered the secret to dirt and hair getting stuck to your mouth and it's called lipstick instead of lip gloss. You're welcome.

I loved his last CD, in fact it was probably one of my most played CDs from last year and I don't think it quite wore out it's welcome before he started releasing new music, but I'm excited to hear the rest either way.

Steamy. Who wants to join me for a bottle glass of cab now?

In unrelated news... did y'all know there was a presidential election yesterday? I don't participate in social media so I had no idea! Anywho... I voted. It may or may not have counted. Long story... I'm not concerned... I did my civic duty as best as I could.

If you're wondering who I voted for... here's my opinion on politics: I'll be voting for Cody Canada in 2016. And that's all I have to say about that.

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