January 21, 2012

Music Binge: Ryan Bingham

I frequently go on these kicks where I'll hear a song I haven't listened to in a while and rediscover an artist all over again. I'll binge out on their music for days on end and search the Internet for any and all information I can find on them. My mind is constantly trying to shove more useless information about my favorite singers into every crevice. Some might call it stalking, I call it research. ;) Never underestimate my ability to find something out.

Right now I'm obsessing over Ryan Bingham. I've been in the car with my family driving for 7 hours to Oklahoma so it's been the perfect time for me to be reading article after article and countless interviews. I realized that Bingham definitely has been through the ringer so it makes perfect sense for his songs and west Texas weather-beaten voice to seem beyond his years. He just has so much raw talent and such a unique sound that nobody else comes close to. Basically he's a complete badass. I've never been lucky enough to see him live but I hope it happens before the world ends.

I don't remember necessarily the first time I heard him but I remember the night I realized how good he is. I was in high school out on my best friend's family's ranch with her older brother and his college friends. They had a campfire going and lots of whiskey guns and beer was available. One of his friends was blasting Ryan Bingham and the song Sunrise was so fitting and it just made the night so much more nostalgic in my mind to this day.

Sunrise is still one of my favorite Bingham tunes but it would be hard to pick a favorite because they're all so different but equally amazing and authentic.

I'm writing this from my phone and I can't figure out how to attach a YouTube video or anything but I did find these super sexy pictures of him.

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