January 30, 2012

Justin Moore's Super-Country-Country-Song, "Bait a Hook" Checklist

This round of "My Super-Country Country Song Checklist" is brought to you in part by Hanes Classics Boys' No Ride Up Camo Briefs 3-Pack! - AKA, the Justin Moore Special!

Today we will be analyzing self-proclaimed "outlaw," Justin Moore's Bait a Hook. 

Here is the official music video:

I guess I will have to do a recap of the video to make up for the lack of any substantial comments, but here's what the people are saying anyway:

"thumbs up if you can bait a hook" -henryfishinandhuntin

"When someone rings the doorbell, why do dogs always assume it’s for them?" -darkmoo23

Just a snippet of the caliber of people commenting on this video.

Anyhow, the video is complete with little Justin fishing in his crappy boat in his denim tuxedo complete with jeans he borrowed from Alan Jackson's Chatthochee video circa 1994 and a pearl snap shirt, unbuttoned to show off his hairless chest and man-jewelry like all the real outlaws do. 

Then we get to see some pretty man and woman couple which have nothing to do with Justin eating fancy food and getting manicures. Then they get on a fancy boat and beat the "good ole boy" at catching fish. The end.

Oh, and he makes out with his dog and eats his biscuits. 

Now, on with the checklist. How country IS Mr. Moore? Let's find out!!


[] Beer
[x] Whiskey
[] Smoking
[] Chicken
[] Boots
[] Jeans
[] Cowboy hat / ‘ol’ ball cap’
[x] Dirt/Back Roads
[xx] Fields, ’Sticks,’ Country, River etc.
[] Tractors
[] Fighting
[x] Trucks
[x] Huntin’
[xx] Fishin’
[x] Mama and/or Daddy

Uses terms:
[] Hick
[] Redneck
[x] Country boy/girl
[] Hillbilly
[] Outlaw
[] Blue-collar

Name Drops:
[] Willie Nelson
[] Waylon Jennings
[] Hank Williams 1, 2 or 3
[] Johnny Cash (Man in Black)
[] Merle Haggard
[] Jesus

[] Rapping
[xxxxxx] Talking/spoken work through end of song

WOW! Justin Moore really cleared house on the references for this song! However, I don't think he gave himself enough outlaw cred because he never a) outright called himself and outlaw and b) never name-dropped a single 'outlaw.'

(Clarification: he did call himself a "good ole boy" and Jack Daniels doesn't qualify as a name-drop, it is a whiskey reference.)

This song was originally only worth a C+ for it's country quality, but with the arrogance of it and the super-duper bonus for talking through the end of the song (which he set the bar high for the rest of the country musicians on this one) I'd score Bait a Hook a solid B+ for overall countryness. But I bet if we combined this song with Outlaws Like Me, he'd score a perfect 100%!

Way to go, Justin - keep up the good work!!

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