January 12, 2012

Another reason to love Jason Boland

It's no secret Jason Boland has insane songwriting skills, which is just one of the reasons he is such a legend in Texas/Oklahoma music. I've listened to his latest CD, Rancho Alto a few times, but I haven't really listened listened to it. With a talented writer like Boland, it is important to actually hear the lyrics because they are sure to blow you away if you really pay attention, but I just haven't had time.

Today I came across this article from back in October when Rancho Alto was released and realized what I had missed out on by passing up this CD and never really hearing the words. I love finding out the stories behind songs, especially when some of them are over my head (which happens a lot) and learning how the artist intended the story to be interpreted.

Turns out, the song False Accuser's Lament was sort of a sequel to Lefty Frizzell's (Johnny Cash sang it later too) Long Black Veil. While Long Black Veil is told from the point of view of the person accused, Boland's take on the story is from the perspective of one of the accusers.

As soon as I read this, I looked up the lyrics to both songs and read along as I listened to them on Spotify. Pretty cool stuff. Who thinks like this?? Jason Boland does, evidently.

Here's both songs and links to the lyrics for each.



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