January 6, 2012

Chris Cagle's Super-Country-Country-Song, "Got My Country On" Checklist

This round of "My Super-Country Country Song Checklist" is brought to you in part by Summer's Eve.

Today we will be analyzing mid-2000s hit-maker Chris Cagle's comeback song Got My Country On from his much-anticipated album "Back in the Saddle." Now that sounds like a real cowboy!!!

Here is the official music video:

The comments on this video say it all, no need for a real review here! Here is what a few viewers had to say:

"I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark here and guess that the people who disliked this song have never got anything done with their own two hands."

Well said 1cheapguitar!!

"met him at a walmart in newnan georgia a few years back. this guy is the shit!"

Rolltide998 is a lucky dude!

Now, on with the checklist. How country IS Mr. Cagle? Let's find out!!

[] Beer
[] Whiskey
[] Smoking
[x] Chicken
[] Boots
[] Jeans
[x] Cowboy hat/ol’ ball cap
[] Dirt/Back Roads
[] Tractors
[] Fighting
[x] Trucks
[] Huntin’
[] Fishin’
[x] Mama and/or Daddy
Uses terms:
[] Hick
[] Redneck
[] Country boy/girl
[] Hillbilly
[] Outlaw
[x] Blue-collar
Name Drops:
[] Willie Nelson
[] Waylon Jennings
[] Hank Williams 1, 2 or 3
[x] Johnny Cash (Man in Black)
[] Merle Haggard
[x] Jesus
[] Rapping
[x] Talking/spoken word through end of song

Hitting one or more subject from each category, I'd say, this song is a success! Chris Cagle is VERY country! Although, I'd like to hear more about how much alcohol will be drank in the backyard while doin' some "chillin', chicken grillin' and guitars," I think we can just assume it's a family-friendly party.... wait, probably not (http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20202817,00.html).

Overall, I'd score Got My Country On a solid B+ for countryness. 

Way to go, Chris - keep up the good work!!

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