February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Delbert McClinton

Here's another Throwback from my good friend, JNJ!

Little background here. As I was watching Seth James singing "Cigarettes, Anger and Wine" at the Blue Light a couple of weeks ago, I remembered an interview I saw where he said, "That song was kinda like a Leon Russell/Delbert McClinton thing. If I sit down to write a song, I think, 'Are they gonna like it?'"

Delbert with Jana and Joe after one of his shows.
Another time I was in Ft. Worth at a Josh Weathers show, and between songs he was talking about his music direction and his personal direction, and he said he had the opportunity to visit with his hero, Delbert McClinton, the night before. He said after talking with Delbert, both his music and personal direction were now in focus.

These two great singer/songwriters know what should be evident to all. Delbert McClinton has influenced many people, but has never garnered the respect and admiration that he deserves. The cool thing is, he doesn't care... he just likes to write songs, sing and make people happy. I was fortunate the night after I saw Josh Weathers in Ft. Worth to go to Billy Bob's and see Delbert live. Amazing show! Now I have to give my sister Jana and her boyfriend Joe proper credit. I knew who Delbert was, and enjoyed his music, but Joe turned me on to all of Delbert. No telling how many times he has seen him live, and if he's close, they won't miss him.

The Grammy Award winning singer was born in Lubbock and then his family moved to Ft. Worth when he was 11. Starting in 1962 as a harmonica player, his music really hit the stage in the '70s, and he's been entertaining crowds ever since. A member of the Texas Songwriters Hall of Fame, a lot of his songs were covered by big artists, such as his song "Two More Bottles of Wine," sang by Emmylou Harris which reached #1 in 1978.

Do yourself a favor and read up on and listen to Delbert. A true Texas Treasure!

 Givin It Up For Your Love:

When Rita Leaves (JNJ's fave):

I'm With You (Jana's fav):


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