February 8, 2013

Josh Grider, Zane Williams and Matt Caldwell - Troubadour, TX Tour

On Wednesday some of the guys from the show Troubadour, TX were in town at the Blue Light for part of their tour. Zane Williams, Josh Grider and Matt Caldwell were doing an acoustic song swap. Of course I had to go... I mean TV cameras were going to be there.

The crowd was small - which disappointed me because I know Lubbock could have been represented much better than that, but you win some you lose some. Small crowds don't bother me because I get the mindset of "more for me" but I just hate it for the artist. If you weren't there, you missed out. It was a good time. The guys just took turns playing songs and they always told funny little stories in between. They made sure to talk to everybody before and after the show and they played any requests. Carter and I made Zane play our favorite "Pablo and Maria." That is such a great song (which I posted about before here). This was my first time seeing all three of them live and they played lots of stuff I'd never heard. They all have a that classic country sound that just makes you want to dance, and there was plenty of that going on.

Here's my favorite one Matt played.

This is the title track to Zane's next album, Overnight Success, which is ironic considering it's his 8th album.

And you have to listen to his Texas version of the 99 bottles song... so awesome.

And finally, this one from Josh Grider is old, but it's my favorite song of his and the first one I ever heard. Also I can't pass up a "Live from the Backroom" video because I spent a whole summer in that very seat Josh is sitting in when I was 18. True story.

By the way, I interviewed Josh on Tuesday about the show and other things over on New Slang (which I am now a contributor for!). Check it out here

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