February 5, 2013

BIG NEWS - Return of Heartworn Highways

I can't even describe how excited I am about this. Just watching the trailer and hearing Townes introduce himself gave me chills.

A while back my best friend, Carter, told me about this documentary Heartworn Highways and we both wanted to see it so bad. I made it my mission to find it online somewhere but they ran about $90 a pop. I found what I thought was a DVD of it on a website for $35 and snatched it up for Carter's birthday in October, only to find out when I got it that it was just the soundtrack. The soundtrack was still worth the $35 anyway and we blasted it at every party for weeks (I know, we're cool).

Then today I read that the entire documentary is now available online. I know what I'll be doing this weekend. It'll be worth every penny of that $14.99 on Amazon.

I've also heard that they (whoever "they" is) are making a modern-day version of Heartworn Highways that will probably have some familiar faces... can't wait to see if that's true.

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