August 31, 2012

Slow Rollin' Lows - "Redemption"

Anytime I hear a song I've never heard or read the name of a band that's new to me, I jot it down wherever I can find. Sometimes I forget it, and I'll later find a modge-podge of random song titles, band names or even a few lyrics scribbled on a piece of paper in my car, bedroom or desk, or on a note in my phone, work computer or laptop.

Earlier this week I found this pile of notes and one of the names on it was Slow Rollin' Lows. Normally I can sort of track down and remember where I heard or read about something, but this one beats me. (Sorry if you told me about this band and I'm not giving you the credit.)

I normally check bands out on Spotify first and listen to a few songs before visiting their website and eventually buying their CD. I'm pretty hooked on this band now, even if I have no earthly idea how I found out about them.

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