August 29, 2012

Jeff Whitehead - "Miles Down the Road"

Because I live under a rock, I had never heard of Jeff Whitehead until last weekend when K Phillips tweeted me a picture of this koozie.

I had to have the koozie because I collect them and I love biscuits. K was playing keys for Jeff at the Office opening for another band. I knew I wouldn't make it early enough to see them but I HAD to have that koozie. So we showed up at about 1:30, missed both bands, but praise the Lord, K had saved me a koozie. I also got Jeff's new single and his CD that came out in '11. I'm loving them both. Hopefully they'll be back soon and I can actually see the band.

Here's the single, "Miles Down the Road." Buy it, love it, call your station and request it.

PS - I finally got to see K Phillips & The Concho Pearls a few weekends ago and I've been meaning to review the show and just haven't gotten around to it. They were everything I'd hoped for - just a great show all around. They'll be at the Blue Light again this Saturday night opening for Sons of Fathers (also a great live show) so get yourself out there, get a a badass Pinterest project t-shirt and have a good time.

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