August 28, 2012

New Music Tuesday

I have not adjusted to this new schedule yet, so here is a late post for ya. This probably won't be the last time you hear about these from me though.


I haven't listened to all of this one yet, but I've been waiting for it for forever. I love what I've heard so far. If you love West Texas - you MUST give this one a listen.


Haven't bought this one yet, but it is on my list. Another West Texas girls' staple. 


And finally, I feel like I have been waiting on this one for a coon's age. Lucius has been my favorite Uncle for a long time and I love this band more with every concert. Their second album, Pick Your Head Up is one of my all-time favorites. It is the type where if one song comes up on shuffle, I have to stop and listen to the entire album on repeat for days. I have listened to And You Are Me a few times today and already feel like it could be the same way.

So there ya have it. I have officially spent more money on music than books this semester and I'm completely OK with that.

PS - I am currently sitting outside listening to the new Dirty River Boys CD, thanks to the beauty that is Kickstarter. All I can say after being about 3/4 of the way through it is - HOLY SHIT.

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