June 15, 2012

Pistol Annies - Takin' Pills

I accidentally watched the CMT Awards the other day. By accidentally, I mean I turned on the TV (which rarely happens) and couldn't find a single episode of Friends, Seinfeld, or My Strange Addiction. TLC is right next to CMT on my channels, so it really was an accident. And I got sucked in. It was like a train-wreck... it hurt to watch but I couldn't look away. The only thing that made it bearable was making fun of it. I nearly made it into a drinking game - drink for every male wearing  skinny jeans and for every solo cup reference - but decided I'd probably die of alcohol poisoning after the first hour.

There was a handful... no, not even a handful... a pinch of performances that didn't make me cringe. One of those was the Pistol Annies. Miranda Lambert has always been my idol as far as style, music, and her overall Texan image. But with this whole super-couple thing and Blake Shelton more or less selling out, I feel like she's teetering on the edge. Either way, she's still the closest thing to real in Nashville these days and I think this Pistol Annies project is genius. I hope she can help popularize real country because she is the hottest thing in town right now and if anyone can do it, it's gotta be her and it's gotta be now.

These girls ain't singing about the hunky-dory bubble-gum shit that other girls are. It's about drinking and burning down houses and being bad and desperate and just... real shit. I like that. Plus they are adorable. They make it cute to be a little trashy and who doesn't want to be able to pull that off? I hope they continue to grow and keep on making good music.

Here's their performance from the other night. This song reminds me of me and two of my best girlfriends. Guess which one I am.

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