June 20, 2012

Mike McClure Band - June 15, 2012

This past weekend I saw Mike McClure at Blue Light. I had only seen him once before at LJT but didn't pay much attention. I've been a fan of his for a few years and definitely loved the Great Divide, but I wasn't necessarily a super-fan. It wouldn't have broke my heart to miss Friday night, I really only went because my sister was going. Well all I can say now is I'm a super-fan.

It was such a different experience than any other show I've ever seen. Dressed in a t-shirt, plaid shorts and tennis shoes, McClure stood to the side of the stage rather than the middle and there was only a bass player and drummer making up the band. McClure was so goofy and you could tell he didn't take himself too seriously, him and the band were just up there to have fun. I actually asked my friends if he went to freakin clown school because he was SO nutty. I loved it. For someone that's produced as many albums for badasses like Cross Canadian Ragweed and the Damn Quails, he seems like such a fun and humble character.

It was the probably the most entertaining, exciting and just fun shows I've ever seen outside of LJT. It wasn't too packed, and I met up with a group of girls and we all stood at the front and acted goofy and sang along. People even backed off the stage to let couples dance between the crowd and the stage, which I've never seen before, it was just that laid back. McClure was so interactive with the crowd, from letting people strum his guitar, to calling out fans and just talking directly to us - I felt like it was a friend we've known for years up on that stage we went to support, not one of the pioneers of Red Dirt music. At one point he covered Neil Young's Rockin' in the Free World, or as I call it - the last song Ragweed ever sang - and he stuck the microphone in front of me and a few friends and let us each sing a line.

He sang a mix of old Divide songs, new stuff from 50 Billion and everything in between. No set list, just played whatever felt right. I normally hate when people yell out requests, but I found myself inclined to for the first time ever because he was actually playing lots of them.

I didn't know how much I loved this band until then but I now know I will forever be a fan and go back and see them time and time again. So much fun. I highly recommend.

Blurry. Blame the Lonestar.

Doesn't this just look fun?

(My favorite 'gypsy' song."

PS - I fixed the comment section so now anyone can comment. Thanks Daddy for pointing that out. Probably the only person who ever tried anyway!


  1. Mac is one of the coolest cats around and always puts on a kick ass show. We're truly blessed to have him as a producer, boss, and chicken expert. Welcome to the fold and come catch a Damn Quails show next time we get to the old Blue Light.

    1. Thanks man! Hope to see y'all soon.