June 27, 2012

Austin Allsup - Sweet Love

I am SO not a sappy love song kind of girl. At all. But there's something about Austin Allsup's rough-gritty-whiskey voice combined with the sweet lyrics that makes me swoon. Most of his songs are that way, then you get one like Cocaine Rodeo that just makes me laugh. It would probably make most girls cringe the way love songs usually do me. The vibe of his latest album produced by Mike McClure (surprise surprise) is so unique and bluesy/rock and so easy to listen to. I have found myself turning to it when I'm driving, working, going to bed - whenever. Just good stuff. Check him out.

This one is off his first album, Cryin' Out Loud, but I promise they are all good. I planned on posting Stay Right Here off Sink or Swim since I heard it on Shayne Hollinger's Sideshow yesterday, but I couldn't find it anywhere that would let me post it. But go get it anyway!

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