June 19, 2012

Earl Dibbles, Jr. - The Country Boy Song

So I realized I'm about the 43rd person to post this today, but I just have to.

I first discovered Earl Dibbles, Jr. last summer. That and the rest of Granger Smith's hilarious videos helped get me through the most boring summer I'd ever experienced sitting at a desk with very little to do. I shared this gold mine with my friends and Carter even went to Halloween Bash as Earl Dibbles, Jr., made it on Rawhide and Velvet  (I drew those tattos, btw!) and ended up winning the costume contest Granger had that we didn't even know was going on until days after the party we went to.

Then here comes the song. I expected it to be just another hilarious Granger Smith video, but he went above and beyond. The song is actually recorded with a full band, is on iTunes and the video is very professional.

The funny thing about it is it sounds exactly like something that would be recorded seriously in Nashville today by somebody like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan or Kip Moore. But this is a joke. How freakin brilliant.

Here is what everybody else is saying about it, because they all said it much better than me. I honestly hadn't thought about it this way till I read it elsewhere, I just laughed when I watched the video and moved on, so I'm not going to steal their words.

I hope Triggerman is right!

Rawhide and Velvet
Saving Country Music (Triggerman)

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