June 5, 2012

Jonathan Tyler acoustic - 6/2/12

I feel like I talk about Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights on here a lot, which is with good reason. They are one of my very favorite bands and to be so young with two (if you're lucky enough to find the first one) albums out and another on the way, there's a lot of potential for their future.

In the past year I've seen the full band, two band-members' side project Rise and Shine, and then this past weekend I got to see just Jonathan Tyler do an acoustic show at Blue Light. I nearly didn't get to go because everyone who originally was going with my bailed, and Lord knows I can't be left alone, so I texted everyone in my phone who might possibly be going and then some who I knew probably weren't, just for good measure. I had one taker, and he was a Blue Light virgin and had never heard of JTNL. I didn't care though, a ride's a ride, and he even had a handicap parking permit so why not take advantage if he's offering??

Usually when JTNL is in town, Blue Light is packed beyond belief and such a weird mix of people, which makes for awesome energy. I didn't know what to expect with it being summer and an acoustic show,  it was the first time I've ever walked in and not instantly known at least a handful of people. Nope, didn't know a single person all night.

Red Shahan and Brandon Adams opened with an acoustic show, which was incredible, as always. Then Jonathan Tyler strutted out with nothing but his guitar, so I grabbed my friend and assumed the position at the front of the stage and told him that was completely normal behavior. JT kicked off with Young and Free, one of my favorite songs. It sounded so different without the full band but it really gave him a chance to show off his vocals, which always sound good, but were the star of the show Saturday night.

Then he pulled out the electric guitar and harmonica for Young Love and my friend turned to me and said something about how you could hardly call this acoustic because it was so rocking. He played several songs that I hadn't heard before, so I'm guessing they'll be on the new album, whenever it comes out, plus at least one cover. I figured out what it was but then I deleted the video from my phone accidentally. I liked everything I heard so I can hardly wait for the new album. I also remember he played Paint Me A Picture, She's From The Other Side, Hot Sake (which sounded so different acoustically), the prettiest version of Sunshine I've ever heard and of course Gypsy Woman.

If nothing else, that night proved to me how damn talented and gifted Jonathan Tyler is. He can front a full out rock band or just rip through an acoustic set like nobody's business, and has the voice and musicianship and lyrics combined to pull it off.

After he played, he brought Red, Brandon and a new guy I'd never heard of that sounded like Sean McConnell back up to do some more acoustic songs together. I tweeted Mr. New Slang and he told me that guy is Erick Willis and he was incredible. Him and Red had to get up in the morning and drive to the DFW to be on the Red Dirt Road Show Sunday morning, which I am pissed I didn't get to listen to.

I have lots of videos and pictures from the other night that are actually pretty good but YouTube and Apple and me are not getting along and it's nearly 5:00 so I am so over it. Maybe someday I'll have a little patience for technology, but not today. Just go listen, watch and of course buy their music.

I know I converted my friend into a JTNL (and Blue Light) fan this weekend, which is always my goal, now go preach it.

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