March 21, 2012

"Vitamin C and Whataburger"

In less than a year since I first heard of the Dirty River Boys, they have moved their way up into the top 15 or so of my favorite bands. They are so different from everybody else in the Texas music scene and it is a breath of fresh air. Well, I don't know how fresh they actually smell, but they're music is the shiz.

I stole this video from Rita, but I has to re-post it because I love it so much. I agree with her that "She" is my favorite song. It's not your typical "She's Like Texas" cliche let's-describe-every-woman-in-the-world song. So of course I love it. And it says the f-word in the chorus so it can never be played on radio so that makes me like it even more because ajillion other people won't find it and make it their Facebook status and beat the dead horse until I don't like it anymore like so many other songs (uhh, 6 Market Blvd. anyone??).

Anyway, last week I was in Branson on a mission trip with my family and some other families from my hometown church and my preacher's daughters did.not.know what bluegrass was. What the what?? So I promptly played them some DRB because I figured that was the best way to ease them into it. I'm still not sure if they liked it or not because I know they probably only listen to mainstream music so this was way weird for them, but I had to take my chances. I don't let people go uncultured by my music. I force it down throats every chance I get. :)

So, here is this neato video that shows a little bit of the life of the Boys...

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