March 9, 2012

Kip Moore's Super-Country-Country-Song "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck" Checklist

This round of "My Super-Country Country Song Checklist" is brought to you in part by Smirnoff Ice Strawberry Acai flavor.

Today we will be analyzing newcomer Kip Moore's new country single, "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck."
I'm super excited about this one because any song with that many dialect apostrophes in the title is already a winner in my book!

Here is the official music video:

This video is STEAMY! I already like it because it is in the country, he drives a pickup like mine and he is picking up his girl from a rickety old house. I bet she lives there. Pretty country people always live in rickety old white houses with wrap-around porches. Well, I didn't grow up in the country, but based on all the other country music videos on CMT, I am making my assumption. 

I would like to climb up on that hood and take a nap with Kip, I bet it is comfy. I wonder if Kip chats online with hot babes all day? I must say, that girl in the red sundress is a total country badass as well because she can open a beer with her teeth! How impressive. 

And he must be a good boyfriend because he made sure to have beer for himself, and light girly beer for her. By the way, she sure does lots of booty grabbin'! 

Can you blame her? I mean, he totally looks like a young Darryl Worley .

The comments on this video are nothing more than a bunch of passionate music fans using excessive curse words and I'm guessing they are all in 3rd grade based on their use of grammar. They definitely haven't taken Ms. Chadwick's 7th grade language arts class yet!

Anyway, on with the checklist. How country IS Mr. Moore? Let's find out!!


[x] Beer
[] Whiskey
[] Smoking
[] Chicken
[x] Corn
[] Boots
[] Jeans
[x] Daisy Dukes/sundress
[] Cowboy hat / ‘ol’ ball cap’
[] Dirt/Back Roads
[xx] Fields, ’Sticks,’ Country, River etc.
[] Tractors
[] Fighting
[x] Trucks
[] Huntin’
[] Fishin’
[] Mama and/or Daddy

Uses terms:
[] Hick
[] Redneck
[] Country boy/girl
[] Hillbilly
[] Outlaw
[] Blue-collar

Name Drops:
[] Willie Nelson
[] Waylon Jennings
[] Hank Williams 1, 2 or 3
[] Johnny Cash (Man in Black)
[] Merle Haggard
[x] Jesus, The Good Lord, etc

[] Rapping
[] Talking/spoken work through end of song

This was a little disappointing! While the lyrics could have been country-er, the tune could not have been any catchier! Also, the video made up for it. If that counted, we would have added boots, jeans, backroads, ol' ballcap and many more. 

Unfortunately, those things don't factor in, so for Kip's first checklist grade, he is receiving a:

D for overall countryness. 

Sorry Kip!! Check a few more off this list next time and I'm sure you'll be up to a passing average in no time!!

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