February 1, 2012

Song of the Day: Carry On

"Everybody gotta get away sometime, forget about yourself for a while....okay alright, carry on."

If there is a single song in the world that instantly puts me in a good mood on a bad day - it's this one. It just remind me that's it's sometimes okay to let go and do what feels good.

One of my favorite lyrics of all time comes from this song...

"Lover make sure that you got your troubles, lover make sure that you work too hard; ain't nobody that don't get tired of watching troubles pile up big in your own backyard. Sometimes you gotta grab your world with your own two hands, set it spinn' off on a course all your own. Take yourself a big bag for your shoulder, find yourself some good times, bring 'em on back home."

Anytime I get to thinking about what I want to do "when I grow up," which is coming faster every day, I listen to this song and it reminds me that I don't necessarily have to do what is "safe" so what everyone else thinks I should do, I need to do what feels right.

Whoa - deep thoughts there, but sometimes music just does that to you!

ANYWHO - here it is...

P.S. Pat Green is married to a girl from another town in my county, which is also my high school's rival. And I've met like all of his in-laws. And I did his grandma-in-law's nails one time at the nursing home and she just loved me because I knew who Pat Green was. And his kids pictures go in our hometown newspaper's brag pages the week of Valentines. So like I practically know him.


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