March 20, 2013

Women Week - Holly Williams "Drinkin"

I'm continuing the theme this week of women to celebrate Kacey Musgraves Same Trailer Different Park that came out yesterday.

I heard this song on the radio for the first time about three weeks ago. i had never heard of Holly Williams before, but by the time the song was over, I had already texted a few people announcing that I was obsessed with this song and to go listen to it immediately. Well, in the next few days, I heard the song several more times, her name was popping up all over Twitter and I even caught the video on CMT. Like I said, I had no clue who this chick was, I just liked the song.

Come to find out, Holly Williams is country music royalty. The granddaughter of Hank and daughter of Bocephus, her third album "The Highway" was released in February and fits right in the mix with all of these incredible female artists blowing up the scene in 2013.

This is the song, "Drinkin'," that first caught my attention, but I assure you, the rest of the album is just as good.

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