January 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Ray Price

I haven't done a throwback in a few weeks, but in light of the Blake Shelton/Ray Price social media war (never thought that could be a "thing") I had to. Nothing reminds me of my Nana and Grandad's house more than Ray Price. Even though she's still mad at him for stealing (ok borrowing to go hunting and never returning) the whistle she used to call her kids home for supper, she's still the biggest Ray Price fan I know.

To catch you up, here's what Blake said (from Saving Country Music):

And Mr. Price's rebuttal:
Maybe I'm a freak, but I definitely still listen to my Grandad's music. Just a few weekends ago I cleaned house to the soundtrack of my childhood in Nana's kitchen. The very vinyl record Ray Price signed himself for my Nana years ago. 

As much as I want to like Blake Shelton, jackass comments like this make it really hard. All I can do is thank The Lord for the good music we still have here in Texas and have an appreciation for the stuff that made country music what it is. 

There's not a prettier voice to be heard.

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